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About PerfectSorb

Perfectsorb is dedicated to complete technical solutions for moisture & humidity related problems for all industries. We offer top of the line, cost-effective solutions for resolving and negating harmful impact of humidity & moisture. Our solutions are environmentally friendly, non-toxic & easy to use. We adhere to superior International & Domestic Standards to meet our customer’s stringent requirements. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified.



A competitive and innovative approach to resolving industry wide moisture problems makes PERFECTSORB the on stop solution for moisture & humidity control. We offer industry specific options to protect your goods at each stage of manufacturing, packaging, storage & transportation that increase the quality & shelf-life of your goods. Long-term storage is made possible by negating harmful effects of moisture in each layer of packing. Hence, your products can safely reach markets which were previously impossible. Your specific needs are met efficiently and in a timely fashion.

We proudly serve the following Industries :
Healthcare,Pharmaceutical,Medical,Avionics,Electronics,Engineering,Chemical,Oil & Gas,Food,Packaging,Logistics & Shipping

Food and Beverage Food & Beverage
Logistics and Shipping Logistics & Shipping
Electronics Electronics
Healthcare Healthcare